BHRT & Weight Loss

What is BHRT & Weight Loss?

Receiving customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy identifies the root cause of the hormone imbalance, which leads to better treatment of your symptoms. Benefits of BHRT include: Assisting in weight loss by replacing the sex hormones which are low in the body.

Can bioidentical hormones cause weight loss?

Hormone replacement with pellet therapy can be one effective way to replace missing hormones and help you lose weight and feel healthy.

Search for: Can bioidentical hormones cause weight loss? Can bioidentical progesterone help with weight loss?

In other words, bioidentical progesteronetriggers a metabolic response allowing weight loss to occur. When progesterone is added back into the body via bioidentical progesterone cream, it acts as a natural diuretic, thereby reducing the bloating.

Can bioidentical hormones help with belly fat?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy not only helps get rid of belly fat, but can reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Women receiving bioidentical estrogens benefit from alleviation of various menopausal side effects, including depression and insomnia.

Why would a woman need a testosterone pellet?

Testosterone replacement therapy for symptomatic women has the potential to improve mood, libido, orgasm, energy level, and feeling of well-being. In addition, documented health benefits include reduced cardiac risk, reduced breast cancer risk, and improved bone density.

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