How To Achieve The Trending Jello Skin From TikTok

By Noha Abuhadra

For quite some time now, skincare trends have been sounder odder and odder. While at first the terminology was only mildly baffling such as the case of “baking” your face, things have somewhat spiraled. Slugging certainly seemed like the peak of weirdness, when people decided to name the concept of bathing your face in petroleum jelly based on the slimy skin of a slug — doesn’t sound all that beauty related, does it? 

Well, bizarre beauty trends continue to reign free, and we likely have TikTok to thank for that. Beauty TikTok is a treasure trove of viral products and strange beauty tips and hacks that are either life-changing or seriously questionable. After all, who could forget when TikTokers were genuinely trying to claim that lube worked as a great primer, per Refinery29? 

On the other hand, you have the insane success of slugging. Despite the method being around for ages and ages, TikTok really sent it into the viral-verse and had everyone scooping out vaseline to wrap up their nighttime routine. The results spoke for themselves, people were actually noticing visible improvement in their skin’s hydration and smoothness. So it’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to TikTok skincare trends, while also knowing when to gauge that things are going too far. But what is the verdict on TikTok’s latest obsession: Jello Skin?

How to achieve Jello Skin

While watching Ava Lee’s skin perfectly bounce firmly back into place as her esthetician pinches and pushes it, you might be running to her social media accounts ready to add everything she uses to the cart. Making sure you’re using a skincare routine that consists of enough hydration while avoiding over-exfoliating or using harsh actives on a daily basis can help keep your skin’s barrier in check and promote elasticity. However, there is so much more to achieving Jello skin than just the skincare products you use. 

Dr. Azza Halim emphasizes to Glamour the importance of getting your internal wellness in check if you really want to get that Jello skin bounce. “Yes, we can replenish volume with quality skin-care and professional treatments, but we still need proper nutrition internally to nourish our skin and maintain skin elasticity, hydration, and collagen,” Dr. Halim adds that it’s vital to make sure you are consuming the vitamins such as A, C, and E as well as healthy fats to promote collagen production in your skin. Dr. Halim also insists, “We also need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise and sleep in order to increase circulation and nourish our cells.” 

Lee backs up Dr. Halim’s claims, as she even shared a healthy tea recipe she claims helps her Jello skin, per Instagram. Unfortunately, this trend isn’t as simple as reaching for a tub of vaseline. It’s a lifestyle. But it is definitely worth that iconic bounce.


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