Review: We Found the Best Face Moisturizers For Men Who Want Their Mighty Glow Back

by David Komisarchik

Excerpt: Why Should Guys Moisturize?

Remember, your skin isn’t just for looks, it’s a barrier. It’s your first line of defense against bacteria and potential infection. We’re not trying to scare you, but some of us need to remember that skincare is about your health and not your selfies.

According to board-certified multi-specialist physician Dr.Azza Halim, “Moisturizing the skin helps keep skin supple, maintains healthy skin barrier in order to minimize environmental damage, and premature aging.”

There are three steps to consider when it comes to having a complete skincare routine: washing/cleansing, hydrating/moisturizing, and protecting with SPF. These all help your skin stay free of bacteria and function the way it should.

Dry, unmoisturized skin cracks and gets irritated. Moisturized skin, however, keeps you looking fresh. Your face, neck, and ear skin cells maintain a shorter life cycle, constantly drying, shedding, and replacing themselves. That constant turnover makes those areas more vulnerable to excessive dryness and aging. When you start noticing signs of aging, it might be because your skin isn’t functioning like it’s supposed to. 

The ultimate goal here is balance. Yes, that iridescent skin glow that everyone obsesses over is really nice to look at, but it’s also a sign of healthy skin that’s been taken care of. Bottom line — don’t treat your face skin like the skin on your elbows. While you’re at it, maybe throw one of the best men’s moisturizers there too.


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