Skin resurrection: our top picks to warm the winter beauty blues

by Jody Miller

Winter seems to appear out of nowhere. It happens every year, but we’re somehow taken off guard by the sudden crispy days and swiftness of nightfall. Predictably, we mourn the loss of extended sunlight and life outdoors.

But where there is loss, there is always gain. We’re anxious to unleash the jewelled make-up colours lying dormant all summer. Those nude lipsticks of summer now appear pallid and barren compared to ripe reds and wine, while our skin appears depleted or lifeless seemingly overnight.

The truncated daylight hours mean extended hours spent indoors. Why not use this time to elevate your skin care routine and allow a few extra moments of extra attention to what may have been neglected the preceding months?

Drenching skin with essential moisturizer and nutrients can resurrect skin from dormancy to vigorous life. According to Dr Azza Halim, ‘Choosing the best moisturizer for your skin may require some trial and error, but looking for moisturizers with highly effective humectant, emollient, and occlusive ingredients can help guide you.’

To help guide your selection, our winter beauty picks are chosen for their restorative properties utilizing ingredients that cultivate lasting skin and environmental well-being. No longer mutually exclusive, you can now pamper and prep your skin for winter without compromising on quality or care for the planet.

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